CNC treatment, cutting, dividing

CNC turning, metal tubes cutting, sawing tubes, deburing

Our company provides highly precise cutting of thin-walled tubes  and treatment of the tube  ends by cutting off their edges, deburring, inner and outer chamfering to the required dimensions mainly for German companies engaged in the car manufacturing market. We provide supply of adjusted steel and stainless steel tubes, and also all the processes connected to the supply of finished parts from thin-walled tubes.

Dividing is carried out by cutting-off and by sawing. It is followed by cutting the edges, deburring, inner and outer chamfering, and checking of the pipe length. Most of the processes are carried out by one clamping of the cut part in a rotary clamp.

Simple cutting is secured by a saw where the part is cut from the edges by a brush and it is washed.

Parameters of dividing of the exact pipes in connection with specific requirements:

  • Diameter from 10 to 110 mm
  • Length from 15 to 3,000 mm
  • Tolerance from ± 0.2 to ± 0.025 mm